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Do Dancers Need Singing Or Acting Training? - Model Factory

Here's the good news: Unless your dream is to perform as a triple threat on Broadway, you won't need to worry about learning to sing and performing it like a professional dancer. Ballet dancers rarely speak on stage, and modern and contemporary dancers usually only add sound to pieces when it is part of the director's artistic vision. It's becoming more common, but you don't necessarily have to be a stellar singer with a voice coach to make magic happen on stage.

However, if you want to get into theatrical productions or go on Broadway, adding singing and acting skills to your CV is a definite bonus. Still, keep in mind that singing is usually the second part of Broadway auditions for dance roles. First, dancers must pass a choreography round and show their ability to pick up movement phrases quickly and perform them with amazing accuracy and strength. Singing is not usually a factor until callbacks, when performers are typically expected to prepare to sing the melody 16 times.

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