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Which Soapie is Looking for An Actor? | Modelfactory

SABC2 weekdays soapie 'Muwango' is looking for young actors to play four new characters.

The soapie will hold open auditions in search of people to play the four new characters in the show.

Who Can Audition:

Auditions are open to anyone between the ages of five and 30. You don't need previous acting experience, but word from the show is that they're looking for people who are spontaneous and energetic with flashes of personality.

We are currently looking for girls and boys for magazines, catalogs, TV commercials, TV shows, billboards, posters and film/TV extras, and models.

More About Acting:

An actor portrays a character in a film using his or her physical appearance or voice. This includes researching every aspect of the character, memorizing dialogue written by the screenwriter, and developing their own emotional life to make it sound authentic on screen.

In addition to the work required for a role, actors must constantly audition for their next job. If an actor achieves a level of success or notoriety, they will typically be required to appear at promotional events and media tours to market their film or other projects.

There are two types of "typical days" for an actor: one where they are on set or preparing for a role and the other involves getting to work. Depending on an actor's actual day and level of success, they may do taped auditions simultaneously while working on set.

It is also not uncommon for an actor to experience long periods of time between jobs while they continue to audition for roles.

An actor must ensure that his "actor" lifestyle does not dominate his personal life. Some actors will spend an entire week learning lines or preparing in other ways for a role, all without engaging with the outside world until they have an interview or audition. They may be waiting for that hopeful phone call from the agent/manager about a possible callback/offer.

What may seem like a lull from a bird's eye view is actually a long period of work, going through many auditions to land a job that will ultimately determine every aspect of an actor's life. An audition consists of reading sides for a scene and performing for a casting director and/or casting associate/casting assistant, and perhaps a producer and/or director.

Actors work extensively with their agents and managers to develop their careers and land roles. When on set, the actor's main points of contact are the first assistant director, the director, and any PAs. Make-up, costume, and sound departments, armorers, and choreographers will also work closely with the actors to prepare them for their scenes.

Working as an actor involves bringing the scenes and words of the script to life, both on set and in auditions. However, for any actor to achieve a long-lasting and successful career, they must find a work-life balance that supports their craft, but also requires them to maintain their mental and emotional health.

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