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Size does matter…Fits On Every Screen

Size does matter…Fits On Every Screen

Especially when it comes to screen size! That’s why we’ve revamped ModelFactory to fit perfectly on any screen. After months of building and testing, we are proud to present the new and improved ModelFactory website that fits perfectly on any screen.

No matter what device you’re on – mobile phone, tablet, or desktop - applying to castings will be a breeze.

Showcase your speedy response rate.

In addition to a beautiful new design and a flexible layout, we’ve made a few other little changes to make your experience even better:

1. A new sidebar runs down the left-hand side of the screen, instead of running across the top of the page, so you can focus on castings and your profile.
2. Matching Jobs are now under Auditions & Jobs. Makes sense, right?
3. The Talent Directory now has less clutter and bigger photos - meaning more eyes on you!
4. My ModelFactory is now called My Profile.
5. Notifications. You’ll find out the moment a casting professional responds to your application.


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