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Tips for Reporting Talent

Tips for Reporting Talent

As a Casting Professional, you may have noticed that you can recommend talent who have been great to work with by clicking the ‘Recommend’ button on their profile. However, you may not have heard about giving feedback on talent that weren’t so great to deal with.We know how important it is for you to work with talent who are both reliable and professional, so we wanted to remind you of our ‘Report’ feature.

The ‘Report’ button allows you to report any serious concerns you have with talent before, during or after the casting process.

Things you may report talent include, but are not limited to: talent being unreliable/late, inappropriate conduct, not turning up (without prior notice), or any other serious concerns you may have.

Save your searches and be the first to hear about new castings.

And remember, just like every working relationship, it’s a two-way street! There are things both talent and Casting Professionals can do to ensure things run smoothly.

Quick Tips for Casting Professionals

  • Be clear and upfront about the details of your project, this includes: the time and dates talent are required for, location details, payment, catering, wet weather dates etc.
  • Be happy and prompt to address any questions or concerns talent may have before and during the project.
  • Provide any necessary information talent might need to prepare for a few days in advance, this includes the script, call sheet, wardrobe, makeup and hair, and any other requirements specific to your project.
  • Provide your phone number should talent run into trouble making it there on time on the day.

3 Rules of Thumb to Making TFP Work for You.

Quick Tips for Talent

  • Be prompt to get back to the Casting Professional and aim to respond as soon as possible the same day.
  • Be on time. Plan ahead to ensure you have travel arrangements that will get you to the job on time.
  • Regularly check your emails to see if there have been any changes to the original plan, for example an updated script or meeting time/ place.
  • Be prepared for the job – practice your script if you have one.
  • Be professional and easy to deal with, you might get another great job through the same Casting Professional!

Happy casting and enjoy your next project!

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