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  • ModelFactory Pro status is given to our most active members, who are industry professionals. You cannot pay for ModelFactory Pro status – it has to be earned, and is available to subscribers only.
  • We make it easier for our casting professionals to find great talent by putting applications from ModelFactory Pros at the top of their list.
  • We regularly check our members' profiles to decide whether they qualify for ModelFactory Pro status.
  • When we checkout YOUR profile, we'll look at your industry credits and training, the quality of your photos and media, and the number of times you've been cast through ModelFactory.
  • If you're selected for ModelFactory Pro, you'll receive an email with the good news! In the meantime, check out these tips to increase your chances of qualifying for ModelFactory Pro status:
  1. Complete your profile with all of your relevant credits.
  2. Update your Business Status.
  3. Upgrade to one of our Full Memberships, if you haven't already.
  4. Include high-quality photos, audio, and videos on your profile.
  5. Actively apply to auditions and jobs.