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How are castings assess?

  • Our number one Asset is "Our members' safety and success is our success".
  • We never forget that our members (including our staff, children, and friends) are real people, with real dreams. We strongly recommend that all members read our online and audition safety tips. Our number one tip: trust your instincts and use your judgement. If something doesn't look or feel right, don't do it.


We also have a dedicated, full-time Customer Success team who check every casting call on ModelFactory. We don't simply publish every casting call submitted to us; when appropriate, we ask questions, request background information, and refuse to publish casting calls that don't meet our guidelines.


For instance, a casting professional needs to make clear immediately if a role is paid or not. If a production seems commercial in nature but isn't paying, we ask why not. If any fees are involved for applicants, we insist they are stated upfront, and if the fees are exorbitant, we don't publish the call.

We don't tolerate spamming, and we ban any member or casting that looks suspicious. The majority of castings are screened before ever appearing on site. A much smaller number are also scanned by our system, automatically approved if they meet certain strict criteria. These castings have a 'review pending' note on them until they are manually checked by our Customer Success team, usually within a few hours.