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How Do I Prepare for My First Photo Shoot? | Model Factory

1. Practice Your Poses:

practices model

When it comes down to the day of your shoot, it is so important that you have practiced your pose in front of the mirror. You can find out your best angles and understand what happens when light hits your body in different positions. It may seem strange at first, but with the right photographer it can quickly become a fun and playful experience.

All our photographers specialize in getting the most out of everyone. They will direct you at every step, showing you how to stand up and do the posture. This will help you feel more comfortable during your first photo shoot!

2. Pre-Shoot Details:

pre shooting details

It is so important that you pay attention to detail during the preparation of your shoot. Cameras can pick up minor defects in much greater detail than the naked eye, so make sure that your feet are shaved / waxed before the shoot and that your nails are not peeled. Anyway make sure you have the right underwear for your shoot, if you are wearing anything showing off your shoulders, you will need a strapless bra, similarly if you want to shoot a Baudour look then something gorgeous. Don't forget to bring matching undergarments.

3. Be well Rested:

well rested

Fatigue appears on your face, on your skin, and then detracts from your attitude. This is one of the famous mysteries of life that you must have in at least 8 hours of sleep per night; But before your photo shoot, this is something you can't skip! If you struggle to sleep then put some lavender essential oil on your pillow. In the morning your eyes will be bright and beautiful and you will shine through your poses.

4. Define Your Strong Look:

strong look modeling

Wardrobe Prep is necessary to nail your photo shoot. Think of a few different trends that you want to easily accent in your photos. If you love high fashion, editorial style, then you need to start collecting eclectic dresses and exaggerated props such as lace fabric, funky hats or giant stage shoes. We chose 5 fundamentals for photo shoot styling in another blog post to give you some wardrobe inspiration.

5. Confidence:


Once you are all ready, it is time to work on your approach. You have to remember that you are brilliant and full of confidence in your shooting. Everyone gets a little nervous before the photo shoot, so keep those nerves in excitement so that you lose confidence as soon as the camera flashes!

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