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Showcase your speedy response rate

Showcase your speedy response rate

Casting Professionals love it when talent are quick to respond to them, it makes their job so much faster and easier when they can count on reliable talent. You could have Meryl Streep's acting ability, but it won't get you far if Casting Professionals can't count on you to get back to them!

We're excited to let you know we are working on a new feature that will help showcase if you are a quick responder. This is another great way to stand out from the crowd!

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Coming soon the Very responsive to messages badge will show up next to ModelFactory members who respond quickly and consistently to messages.

When you have achieved this badge it will display on your profile for anyone to see, improving your likelihood of being contacted for roles. You will also appear higher in the Talent Directory and you will be seen by more Casting Professionals.

A great way to get notified of new ModelFactory messages is to download the iPhone app to receive instant message notifications.


Response rate is the percentage of new messages you receive that you reply to on the same day. Response time is the average time it takes you to reply to new messages in one day.Keep in mind that response rate and response time are based only on your first reply in a conversation, not follow-up messages in the same conversation that day.

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We've done our best to capture how responsive you are most of the time, this means that you don't have to worry about messages you might receive at odd hours that you haven't managed to respond to within a short timeframe.

Now is a great time to get responding quickly and consistently to messages to increase your chances of achieving the badge when we launch it!



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