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Want to be a Casting Professional? Find out how...

Want to be a Casting Professional? Find out how...

Here, We explains how to cast the best of the best and also offers up some advice for those considering a career in casting.

Figure out exactly what you need

If you’re casting on behalf of a company, get as many details as possible from them. What kind of look/attitude are they after? How much experience is needed? Or make those calls yourself if it’s your project.

For example, Camilla was recently in charge of casting for UK pharmacy chain Boots’s latest project and they wanted a new face - in other words, someone with no previous experience. She chose ModelFactory to exclusively cast for that role.

How to Get Your Listing Approved — Fast!

Be really clear in your brief

“There are so many people on ModelFactory that it can be a little overwhelming! So specify what you are really looking for, and make it easy for people to know whether or not to apply,” she advises.

Make your title and description really specific, but don’t write too much - short and snappy castings tend to perform the best in terms of views and applications.

View all the applicants

Scan down your list of names, headshots and intros, and shortlist the ones with potential. All this can be done on ModelFactory in your Listings section (just click the ‘view applicants’ button).

How to be a Model on Expert Tips ?

Contact the shortlisted applicants

Again, this can be done on ModelFactory. You can send them private messages with audition details and scripts. Because Camilla was casting for a client, she put the top headshots in a PowerPoint and they picked their favourites, who were then called in to audition.

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