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Minor Things to notice in First Meeting

01/8​ Things to notice on a first date

The first date is generally full of anticipation. We all tend to worry about what is going on in the mind of the other person. Also, most would wonder if their first date would be the last one or will there be more meetings. But if you are a little observant, you can get to know the person you are dating much better and understand his or her personality on the very first meeting. Here are seven little signs that would help you to reduce this anticipation to a great extent.

02/8​ The way he treats others

Observe how your date calls the waiter and talks to him. A grounded and humble person treats people with respect and does not try to belittle anyone. You definitely do not want to be with someone who considers himself entitled and superior to others, right?

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03/8​ The attention war!

It is basic etiquette to keep your phone aside while talking to someone and not check it until and unless it is really urgent. In case, he or she is phubbing (which means ignoring a companion to pay attention to one's phone) you after every five minutes, then you know what holds more importance in his life.

04/8​ Punctuality matters

When someone turns up on time on a date, it shows he or she respects your time and energy. If late, dropping a message to inform the whereabouts is a sign of a concerned and responsible person. And if he or she keeps you waiting without any communication, there is a high probability that you are wasting your own precious time.

05/8 Let’s come to the conversation

If your date is more interested in blowing his or her own trumpet rather than trying to understand you better as a person, you will struggle to strike an interesting conversation. If the person isn’t a good listener, he or she is probably not going to make a great partner.

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06/8​ Difference of opinion

A liberal, open-minded person always tries to understand the perspective of his date on every subject. He respects the other person’s opinion and does not judge if you have different views on the same subject. If you are sharing your meal with I-am-always-right person, we sympathize with you!

07/8​ The ex-talk

Well, if your date brings up the topic of his or her ex-partner on the first meeting, it is a sign he or she has still not moved on. It is okay to open up about your past experience with your lover, but doing it on the first date is not a wise idea.

08/8 The payment

If your date expects you to foot the entire bill and does not even offer to Dutch, you might be spending time with a miser. Also, if you date happens to show off how rich he is by trying to order the most expensive items on the menu, this also is not a good sign.

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