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How Do I Become a Plus Size Model? | Model Factory

How Do I Become a Plus-Size Model?

The modeling industry is forever changing and curve modeling has seen a huge boom in recent years. Body positivity activists, designers, and models are emphasizing inclusion and the industry has listened! We are fully seeing all the shapes and sizes shown on the advertisement and on the screen and on the catwalk. Ashley Graham ranked Karvy Devi as the 10th highest-paid model and as we see it is time to become a curve model to create more and more brand-inclusive clothes!

Are you thinking of becoming a curve model and turning your things in front of the camera? We put this post together to connect you with some beautiful curve models presented at Sandra Reynolds Agency and give you a little insight into the world of plus-size modeling.

How Do I Become a Plus-Size Model

What Size Do I Need a Curve Model?

At Sandra Reynolds, we ask that you are a UK size 12 or above.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get?

All types! So far our curvy women have been booked with brands such as Avon, Remington, Sainsbury's Two, and Wes 2B.

Curve Modeling in Sandra Reynolds:

It has been really great to see the brand adopting all body shapes and sizes for their campaigns. It represents a more equitable representation of our society, as we have seen in previous years. The most important thing I see in a model is confidence. We want our girls (and people!) To love their bodies and take pride in showing them off. It always shines through their pictures and makes our customers want to book again and again.

Curve Modeling in Sandra Reynolds

How Do I Apply to Be a Curve Model?

We are a highly respected commercial agency, we take pride in an honest approach so that we can build lasting relationships with our model. While it is important to have the right eye, we also want you to dress well and adopt a professional attitude.

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