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4 Safety Key Tips for Models | Safety Rules for Models | Modelfactory

"Yes!" It can be very tempting to answer. The moment you get a modeling job offer because of the excitement of getting hired. In an industry that's often unreliable at producing gigs consistently, not booking and, worse yet, giving up on what seems like a great opportunity can be overwhelming.

But wait! While this industry is full of people of high moral character who are here to help make a model's journey as smooth and successful as possible, there are still people who take advantage of dreams and when they see a loophole. So take advantage.

Before diving into a paid job opportunity or even an offer to shoot an exhibition, it's important for your safety that you take a few key steps to make sure you're an agent, photographer and/or Feel safe and secure in presence. Or the production team.

1. Don't Be Afraid To Research And Ask Questions.

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If you are contacted by a modeling agency, photographer, or other industry person, do a Google search to see if your personal or company name appears in a search and if positive or negative reviews are posted. Huh. Also, check whether they have a website and whether they have reliable information and up-to-date content, such as a blog posted on their site.

For example, if you are contacted via social media by a modeling agency for representation (whether you have already signed on and are looking for a new representation or are new to the industry), do so via Google. Check out their website. And then call the number listed on the website. , By calling, you can see if the agency actually messaged you on social media or if the agency's identity was stolen from a fake online account.

It will also be very beneficial to reach out to other models you see on your website or on your social media pages and ask them the following types of questions:

I saw you listed on the [insert name] website and wanted to ask if you had a good experience working with that person.
Did you feel comfortable working with that person?
Would you recommend working with that person?
In most cases, other role models will be happy to share their experiences to protect you from a potentially negative encounter or to encourage you to stay in good hands.

2. Tell A Friend Or Family Member About Your Whereabouts.

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Whenever you schedule a meeting with an agency (especially one you're not familiar with) or meet with a photographer for a paid or collaborative shoot, always let a loved one know your location. Be sure to let them know what time you are leaving for their location and when you expect your meeting to end. You can also share your live google maps location via your cell phone.

Also, although you are not allowed to bring a friend or family member to a paid shoot organized by your reputable modeling agency (unless you are under 18), you can always ask someone to accompany you. can. For other shoots you've organized. If you ask a photographer that you have agreed to meet in person if you can bring a friend or family member to ensure your safety and they give you a hard time doing so, consider this Reconsider whether you want to continue with your preparation.

Even if your escort leaves mid-shoot after your comfort level has stabilized, bringing in someone who can account for your whereabouts is a smart move.

3. Location Explorer.

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Always try to know the location of the shoot before accepting the job or going on the sets. This is important because it will allow you to do a Google Maps search for the location. For example, if a potential client gives you an address to meet them for an open call or casting, it's important to see if the location is a public place, such as an official office building or workplace. If the location sounds suspicious, you definitely want to do your due diligence to ask more questions like the ones listed above.

4. Set Your Limits.


It is not uncommon to see models taking pictures in swimsuits, lingerie, or even nude. While this may be the case, you do not need to do any of the three options to be successful in this industry, if that is not your comfort level. Therefore, before conducting a photoshoot, you should always discuss your comfort level with the team and set your limits.

Note that it's a common scam for photographers and agents (less reputable ones) to ask a model to send them nude photos and pretend they just need to make sure the model isn't camera shy. Please note that this is a scam and is not an industry standard. at any time he is not in arrears.

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