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3 Tips For Matching Your Glasses With Your Outfits

3 Tips For Matching YouGlasses With Your Outfits

Choosing glasses can be really tricky. After all, they are on your face everyday, and its often the first thing that people notice when they see you. Coordinating them with everyday outfits can be daunting, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these simple tips:

Tip 1: Assess The Colour Tones In Your Wardrobe

Take a good look at your closet. Are your clothes bright, bold colours, soft pastels, or darker, muted tones? It’s easier to match your glasses to your outfits if you are aware of the colours that you often wear.

Look for glasses that complement the colours you predominantly wear. If you regularly wear one colour tone, like black or blue, go for more colourful frames. This will add personality to your mono-toned outfit and make your eyes and face stand out more. If you love wearing bright colours, look for darker frames. It doesn’t have to be the usual black frames. Brown, grey and blue are great neutral colours that complement bold outfits.


Tip 2: Accessorise Around Your Glasses

Think about accessories that you wear often. Gold necklaces, silver rings, colourful headbands? Your glasses should complement these accessories. If you often wear gold or silver jewellery, look for glasses that have gold or silver on the frames. If you like more funky colours, go for bold, colourful frames! This will keep your look consistent.

Tip 3: What’s The Occasion?

You have to wear glasses everyday, so it is important to know when and where you will be wearing them. Are you looking for glasses for the office? Are you a fashion blogger? Are you a soldier?

For office wear, rimless glasses, metallic frames and standard black frames are common, and easily go with business suits and blazers. BOLON Eyewear has sleek and stylish glasses for men and women that are a step up from normal frames.

For fashion enthusiasts, oversized glasses, round glasses, and colourful glasses showcase your bright personality. Like you, Glossi embodies colours, style, life and fun. Its unique, multi-coloured frames reflects your creative spirit.

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If you’re in the army, we know there isn’t much of a choice in the style or colour of your frames. While your glasses don’t have to be chic or fashionable, they should be comfortable and durable for everyday wear in camp. Check out our latest Coosh glasses! They are specially made to withstand the rigours of army life.

If you look good, you definitely feel good. We have an exciting range of glasses you can choose from to match any look, for men or women, business or casual. 

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